Pardon the Dust…

My apologies for taking so long to write a new blog. Life happens. But I’m here now. Last night I was reading Stephen King’s On Writing. It reminded me how much I miss the words, how much I enjoy the words for the sake of them. It’s not just for the escape from whatever situation I find myself in. I’ve always loved a good story, a peculiar turn of phrase, a unique voice. Whether it’s written, sung or on screen give me something new and different and odd. Make me laugh, cry, both, sometimes at the same time. The language is as important as what is being said. King just celebrated his 70th birthday. Many dismiss his writing. While I can’t read a lot of it because he scares me, he does remind me why I wanted to be a writer to begin with. There are so many possibilities, more than I could ever hope for in any mundane day job.

I’m listening to the new song by the Foo Fighters, The Sky is a Neighborhood. More possibilities. So many doors to open. It won’t be so long before I post again. Pinkie swear…


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